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Welcome To Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Welcome to Yoga Retreats in Nepal, a collaborative venture between Niru Yoga Homestay, Hiking, Meditation, Sound Healing Retreat, and Yoga Patshala Pvt. Ltd. Our organization is dedicated to providing exceptional yoga retreats and classes in Nepal.

Renowned Excellence:

Niru Yoga Homestay and Yoga Patshala are recognized as premier providers of yoga retreats and classes in Nepal. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, we have earned a 100% satisfaction rate from participants worldwide. We invite you to explore our review page to witness the transformative experiences shared by our valued guests.

Idyllic Location:

Nestled in the Kathmandu Valley, amidst lush green hills, our retreat center offers a tranquil escape just 20 kilometers away from the bustling city of Kathmandu and Thamel. Situated a mere 19 kilometers from Tribhuvan International Airport, our location provides easy access while maintaining a serene village ambiance. As you explore the surroundings, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the majestic Himalayas just 1400 meters above sea level.

Proximity to Cultural Heritage:

Located in the Bhaktapur district, our center is a mere 4 kilometers away from a World Heritage Site. The local name of our village is Nagarkot, situated just 11 kilometers below Nagarkot Hill Station. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Nepal as you explore the nearby sites and connect with the vibrant local community.

Comfortable and Serene Accommodation:

At Yoga Retreats in Nepal, we provide clean and comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms, offering 24-hour hot and cold shower facilities. Enjoy the pristine beauty of our surroundings from the convenience of our well-appointed retreat center. Our spacious rooms are designed to provide a restful sanctuary for your retreat experience. Additionally, our property boasts a beautiful garden where we grow fresh produce for our wholesome meals. Unlimited drinking water is available to keep you hydrated throughout your stay.

Transformational Yoga Experience:

Embark on a holistic journey with our carefully crafted yoga classes. We offer two daily yoga sessions that encompass asanas, pranayama, meditation, and sound healing practices. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of these ancient practices as you deepen your connection with your body, mind, and spirit. As part of our package, we also include daily natural hikes, allowing you to explore the natural beauty surrounding our center.

For further details, we invite you to visit the official website of Niru Yoga Homestay with Retreat Center. Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay connected and follow us on Instagram @yoganepal for updates, inspiration, and insights into our yoga retreats in Nepal.

Popular Yoga Retreat Packages

Two days resting retreat​

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4 days relaxing yoga retreat

Niru Yoga Homestay with Yoga Retreat Center offers a four-day, three-night relaxing yoga retreat package.​

6 days extended yoga retreat

Niru Yoga Homestay with Yoga Retreat Center offers a six-day, five-night extended (full) yoga retreat package.​

10 days detox retreat

Niru Yoga Homestay with Yoga Retreat Center offers a ten-day, nine-night extended (detox) yoga retreat package.​

10 days Prana Shakti yoga course

Niru Yoga Homestay, in collaboration with the Yoga Retreat Center, offers a ten-day, nine-night All-in-One Yoga Retreat. This immersive experience provides deep knowledge in yoga, pranayama, mantra, mudra, chakra, and sound healing.

4 days Sound Healing courese

Niru Yoga Homestay, in collaboration with the Hiking Retreat Center, offers a specialized four-day, three-night Sound Healing and Chakra Healing Advanced Course combined with a yoga retreat.