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How to Get Niru Yoga Homestay & Retreat

Fly into Kathmandu International Airport or just 45 minutes away at Kathmandu airport.

From Airport

Go to the main road and ask Bhaktapur (22Km) ask Kamalbinayek bus. when you are Kamalbinayek (Bhaktapur) ask Telkot bus in Nagarkot bus park. (only 4 km far from Kamalbinayek, Bhaktapur to Kharipati (400m far from the Police station) ask Niru Yoga Homestay or hire a car or taxi. or used google map

From Thamel:

There are buses from many locations in Kathmandu (Ratnapark or Bagbazar) go to Kamalbinayak (Bhaktapur) bus Stand and you have to change another bus from Nagarkot Bus Stand ask Telkot bus.

from Nagarkot busstand to Kharipati 4km (20min) you will reach Kharipati. walk 2min from Kharipati (400m from Kharipati Police Stand)

Please provide the address in Nepali for the driver.

निरू योगा होमस्टे

कमलबिनायक बाट ४ किलोमिटर अगाडी
नगरकोट फेदी, खरिपाटी, (खरिपाटी पुलिस चाैकीबाट २०० मिटर अगाडी)
तेलकोट भन्दा ३ किलोमिटर तलै